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This space is a personal project, I’ve finally decided to do it, and complementing Social Media or other platforms I have the honour to collaborate with. Throughout the website structure and all the updates and shared information is an effort to express my profile, a bit the different parts of my life and my views on global issues.


I am a forward-thinking young economist, marketing communicator and policy adviser, with experience across several industries and roles within the private, public sector and NGO sector. With an endless curiosity to understand the human behavior driving their economic decisions, an entrepreneurial attitude and a sound social consciousness, I’ve always been compelled towards a specific insight or interest.

Being a twin son of a businesswoman, I’ve first imagined my future would be in Business Administration. As someone interested in the “gap” between my family’s business micro environment and the macro socioeconomic phenomena happening in the world in the late 2000s, I thought a modern leader would have to have a diverse skill set, a GLOCAL mindset, an “helicopter” view, understanding if the interactions between global issues and acting locally. That insight based my decision to study Economics.


At the University, I had a first contact with Public Policy, engaging in interesting discussions about International markets and Economic Policy. That opened my mind to new perspectives, a better understanding of the root causes of the soon-to-be subprime crises in the US that, as we all know, contributed for the European sovereignty and financial crises.

That experience had a profound impact on me. I’ve passed from being keen to work for profit-oriented organizations to be much more driven towards the social impact of economics and policy, on how one could contribute to tackle the global issues that our society was and, unfortunately, is still facing.


Perhaps, poisoned with AIESEC’s “be the Change you want to see in the world” attitude, I’ve followed my instinct and took a road that is giving me the chance to explore all the insights and curiosities in my mind. I was fortunate enough to, for instance, run a human´s rights EU founded local project, to collaborate with regional public organizations on economic development issues and also being a social entrepreneur, in a startup that promotes Active Aging through Digital Inclusion.


The journey has also been giving me the chance to engage in impact and meaningful volunteering experiences, such as being a co-founder of a culture development NGO, a pro-bono marketing Director of a community sports club or promotor of a policy driven youth movement, that was founded aiming to tackle a very concrete issue, the high unemployment level of graduates in my local hometown, Viana do Castelo.


Tiago Cunha Martins,

Lisbon, 12 December 2018


Global Interface is a platform to share my my professional curiosity for #Digital #Technology, #GlobalCooperation #PublicAffairs and the #EuropeanUnion.

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When it comes to writing, for years I’ve been feeling the “incompetence syndrome”, meaning that while performing a task (an essay, press note, article, post or even an email) I keep hearing my inner voice I lack the capacity to do it in the proper professional way. However, the solution I found to this problem was just one: keep it going, practice and learn from mistakes. It is with no particular reason, most articulate or grammar correctness, I want to present my written thoughts. To share my positions and opinions (that are just “A” opinion, not the absolute true.. and, hopefully, engage in fruitful discussions to create a better understanding of the reality we are living in.

  I had just got back from Porto, in my early 20s. It was a hot summer time and started to think “what (should) come next?” Take the road to become a business manager? Pursue my interest to playing drums at a higher level? Or......

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