I’ve finally done it!


Thanks for being there, it is a pleasure to have you visiting my website!

This space is a personal project, I’ve finally decided to do it, and complementing Social Media or other platforms I have the honor to collaborate with. Throughout the website structure and all the updates and shared information is an effort to express my profile, a bit the different parts of my life and my views on global issues.

For quite some time I suffered from an external pressure. While feeling as a person with many different likes and interests, the labour market, our social group of friends or society at large sets an expectation for what one shall pursue professionally, acquiring knowledge and specializing in a specific topic. I  was living this duality until one night, while surfing around on YouTube I came a cross a TED talk of a ladtyl verbalizing kind of the same life path and her and reality. However she had a 180° opposite view… we are MULTIPOTENTIALITE, an individual that will only find happiness and in peace if have the opportunity to pursue its different interests, even if that means to have no such a thing as a linear “career”.

After had lived different versions of myself, while experimenting different activities, most of the times spending tremendous efforts both in my day job, but also within the NGO and non-profit world, music, sports and traveling at the same time. And, while doing all of this I’ve come to a conclusion: a tremendous curiosity and the eager to work in a group context was the common denominator.

It is in this particular context, I’ve decided to create a personal website, in which I will try to show the different sides of me and, hopefully, share information you may find it useful.

Here you will find my CV, professional and personal experiences, hobbies, information and my opinions about my biggest passions: European Affairs and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda.