2012-2013: Active Citizenship

2012: Founder of Portuguese Young Socialists @ Viana do Castelo


Triggered by the eager to do more and help young qualified professionals that wanted to return back to the region after their studies, as it was my case, to overcame a harsh reality. Portugal was under an Assistance bailout program, controlled by the so-called Troika, and the economy was in a very bad shape.

The regions that suffered the most were the ones far from the big cities, including the 10 municipalities that composes Alto Minho’s region. After an op-ed written to the Mayor of Viana do Castelo, about the importance to take as much attention to the youth as it was being paid to a major shipbuilding public company, I’ve decided it was time to raise my voice and take a further action.

Considering a previous reflection, while studying Economics, I’ve had an understanding that macro-changes will only be leveraged if the key players were considering as a priority. Therefore, while discussing ideas and possibilities with a group of friends, we realized a possible way to have an impact was by creating a political youth movement, as mean to reach an end. That end was to shape the public debate on the urgency to fight against that 50% of young unemployment rate.

So, after we read the different Foundation charters and ideologies, we ended up deciding to found the local chapter of Young Socialists. We were aware of the challenges that this type of organizations have and the polemics and controversies they have been involved. Maybe it was naïve, but we truly believe we could do something different and show an example that it is possible to be active in the public debate while being “on the ground” with an “hands-on approach”.

Above all, it was a School of Citizenship that gave to young active people a place to raise their voice and participate in innovative actions to change the status quo.


2013: Sports Marketing Director & TEDx 


After an invitation to become part of the list, I ran successfully to become member of the Board of Directors of Juventude de Viana Sports Club, considered the 10th best roller hockey club in the whole world that year.

I was entrusted to design and implement the Marketing and Communications’ Department, as well as develop of innovation projects. One of this projects was the club’s Digital Transformation Plan, including a new website and a sports management application, in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC).

During the 2 years of the term, the club double is sponsorship revenues and won the 2nd division of the National Championship (2013) and participated in the Champions League (2014).


2014: Regional President of Portuguese Young Socialist @ Alto Minho Region


Later on the year, between September and November 2013, I put my hat in the ring in different elections. I was elected Member of the Municipality Council of Viana do Castelo. Two months later, I was one of the two candidates to the Federal regional Leadership of Young Socialists. Surprisingly, the outsiders bid won the elections and during the 2-years term, membership increased by 20%, structural changes were implemented, such as changing the organization’s name (from “Viana do Castelo” to “Alto Minho”), the implementation of various sectorial structures, in particular ANJAS Alto Minho – District Delegation of Young Socialists local elected members, and the NES IPVC, the university students arm in the region.


In 2013, I volunteered in the inaugural edition of TEDx FicaNoCoração, a TED event with an independent organization held in Viana do Castelo.


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Faz-te à Vida” Conference – Entrepreneurship & Innovation

When I got back to my hometown, right after finish my undergraduate studies in Oporto, I faced a reality-check: the lack of opportunities in the region for young qualified professionals. That made me realize something had to be done. Instead of criticizing or complaint about my status, I’ve got together with a group of dynamics minds and developed a Conference concept to promote jobs and entrepreneurship job opportunities.


Youth & the European Union


Junior MEP


A context for high school students. Students submit a paper on a topic related to the European Union and had the opportunity to present it. After an eliminatory round, there was a ground final. The winners received as an award a high-level masterclass with MEP Maria João Rodrigues and trip Brussels, in order to visit the European Parliament and the European Commission.