2007-2010: The University of Change

Started to study Economics at Oporto Global University and at the same time engaging in Porto City’s Business ecosystem. Engaging as much as possible in Academic community, along side with my brother,



Along the way, I’ve engaged in many extracurricular activities, namely in sports and cultural. I’ve started to play guitar and percussions at the University’s music band (TAUP).


Over the summer, as a way to keep improving myself, I’ve attended a course certification on Strategic Planning and Marketing by Associação Empresarial de Portugal.


2010 | AIESEC





In my final year at the University I’ve entered the organization that changed my life, at least the career path I’ve envisioned for myself, AIESEC, the world’s biggest student-led Organization. As Vice-President of External Relations of AIESEC at Portuguese Catholic University  (1st Business School in Portugal – FT), my main responsibilities were to lead the Business Development team and manage Relations with Stakeholders. On a daily basis I’ve had to recruit, train, monitor and lead a team of 11 colleagues, expanding operations all around the North Region.

At AIESEC we are inspired to become “the change we want to see in the World”! For this reason, I’ve driven my interest in management and develop economic projects to engage in as much civil and human rights projects as possible.



2011 | Human Rights Project Director





As a first full time job after college, I’ve accepted an interesting officer, to become Project Director of an EU co-founded project on Gender Equality, with the aim of Raising awareness in the Region of Alto Minho at ADSL Cerveira Local Development NGO. There, I also ran the Women Entrepreneurship Support Office as well as in charge of Corporate Communications.

Personally, it was a quite interesting experience. I was coming from an kind-of-exact economic science and to start off my career of being exposed to certain realities I’ve never came across before, such as wage inequalities between men and women. The experience of working in the Social Economy on Human Rights definitely shaped my social consciousness and influenced my decisions in the years to come.



2012 | Economic  Project Development



As an active player in the entrepreneurship and innovation support network in the region, I also began to collaborate with the Inter-municipal Community of Alto Minho, being part of the coordination team in its efforts to bring different stakeholders and join programs, and also voicing up the main challenges and opportunities within the region’s economy.