1990-2001: Scouts & Basketball

In 1996, perhaps propelled by the eager to explore the nature, climb trees, swim in the river and hiking in Viana’s mountains, my brother and I entered Escoteiros de Portugal (Boys’ Scouts). There I’ve learn useful values to my future: respect the nature, care about others and the importance of teamwork to achieve personal and common goals.


In 1997, after have pretty much broken all my mother’s kitchen tools imaging I was a rockstar drummer, I’ve started attending music classes at Fundação Musical Maestro José Pedro.


And then a new millennial has started… and luckily it wasn’t the chaos and the end of the world as some predicted 🙂


In the summer, after a disappointing experience in football, because of the lack cooperation and healthy competitiveness, I was wondering which sport could I do next to spent all the energy accumulated! Eventually, a friend of my invited me to a Basketball practice, at Escola Desportiva de Viana. In the beginning it was just for fun, but after some years and despite being far from a Michael Jordan of Kobe Bryant, I’ve started to take Basketball more seriously.