My long-term intention is to engage in academic and policy research that focus on the role of the European Union in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda, namely by understanding the relations of specific policies and their contributions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

From Purpose to Action


Foster meaningful connections between people, ideas and organizations to promote a more sustainable world


A more connected and sustainable world, in which different cultures can co-exist in harmony and a more transparent and consciousness relation between public and private sector.

Where ?

To get involved in European and Global Affairs.

How ?

To promote the Interface of EU Affairs and local stakeholders spread globally.

To Who ?

To have a real impact in european citizens’s lives.


  • Integrity, Ethics and Respect for Human Rights 
  • Collaborative, Initiative & Entrepreneurship attitude 
  • “GLOCAL - Think Global, Act Locally 
  • Active Citizenship 
  • Ecology & Sustainable Development
  • Lifelong learning

Active Citizenship

Faz-te à Vida” Conference – Entrepreneurship & Innovation

When I got back to my hometown, right after finish my undergraduate studies in Oporto, I faced a reality-check: the lack of opportunities in the region for young qualified professionals. That made me realize something had to be done. Instead of criticizing or complaint about my status, I’ve got together with a group of dynamics minds and developed a Conference concept to promote jobs and entrepreneurship job opportunities.

Youth & the European Union

Junior MEP

A context for high school students. Students submit a paper on a topic related to the European Union and had the opportunity to present it. After an eliminatory round, there was a ground final. The winners received as an award a high-level masterclass with MEP Maria João Rodrigues and trip Brussels, in order to visit the European Parliament and the European Commission.