How may I help? Skills & Expertise

Strategic & Policy Advisory

Advise Boards and its Members on key-issues, namely the impact of policy-making on business

Policy Research and Monitoring

Monitor proceedings and provide analysis of activities in European institutions, political parties, think-tanks, pressure groups, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in order to keep stakeholders informed of any developments related to their field of activity. 

Monitor debates, questions, committee enquiries, statements, reports,  regulations and legislation.

Public Affairs and Diplomacy Advisory

Setting up strategies and campaigns for an issue-based advocacy for your organisation or government, to create a successful public opinion environment

Support Paradiplomacy endeavours: 

  • Diaspora Marketing 
  • Economic Paradiplomacy 
  • International Strategy 
  •  Establishing and supporting business relations 


Diaspora Diplomacy – Promote connections with Portuguese Diaspora.

Public Policy Analysis

Develop Projects on Healthcare, SME, Start up Support, Social Inclusion and Digital Technology.

Integrate global and european issues with local ones, interrelating them, professionally focusing on the interface between them 

  • Trade Policy (CETA, Free Trade Agreements) 
  • Digital Tech (DSM; Cyber security, GDPR, ePrivacy; TMT – EECC & 5G) 

Policy Outreach & Engagement

☁ Build and maintain a transparent network with stakeholders, maintaining regular contact, in person and in writing, with politicians, civil servants and staff in institutions and regulatory bodies to brief them on work and concerns.

☁Setting up strategies and campaigns for an issue-based advocacy for your organization or government, to create a successful public opinion environment

Strategic Communications & Marketing 

6 years of experience on implementing and leading Marketing & Communication Plans (in the retail, sports, healthcare, Government and IT sectors) 


☁ Technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT); 

☁ Cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS): Microsoft Azure; 

☁ Analytics: Big Data, Power BI; 

☁ ITIL certified – IT Service Management – ITIL, L1, L2;  

☁ Productivity Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite; 

☁ CRM & ERP: Dynamics 365, SAP;



☁ Venture Capital and EU Funds


Produce small to large-scale events in different areas – policy making, Organizing meetings, conferences, fairs, other events.



☁ Event: CEO of a 10.000 attendees Festival (w/ 100 staff & 100K€ budget) 

☁ Know-how in Event Organization, having organized small-to-large scale political and policy meetings, conferences, workshops and local (’13), European (’14) and national (’15) campaigns activities.

  • I´ve also organized Corporate Social Responsibility seminars and trainings, as well as cultural events attended by >10.000 people. This experience can be an important asset in PES events preparation, in particular on operational logistics and communication.


Produce communications materials – newsletters, briefings, campaign material and press releases.

☁ Social Media Management

Business Development

Operate key strategic and operation actions on different business dimensions, namely on Internationalization Strategy, Fundraising and Communication.

Market research, market entry, local marketing strategies

Internationalization Project Management


I’ve had the opportunity to lead different sorts of teams, from the local to the international level and developed plans and strategies to achieve goals and results

☁ Project leadership & management across several industries;

The capacity to work on your own initiative and to relate well to colleagues, as well as clients and other contacts. I am someone who can manage service projects from across functions, and that’s exactly what I‘ve been doing:

  • AIESEC – 11 people team, divided in two teams both with a team leader
  • Non-Profit – 9 Members of the board and over 60 associate members
  • Event-Organization – Team of 100 staff members;

☁ Six Sigma Black Belt;

☁ Certified Professional  Trainer (+ 250 hours) – Sales, Marketing and Entrepreneurship;

Networking – Over the years I´ve developed a network of contacts within political, business and NGO organizations that can help me to perform my job more effectively, as well as to serve an asset to help my clients

Recognize and manage talent – I’ve recruited talent young people and help them to shine. Success stories:

  • AIESEC – Helena Monteiro – I’ve had the change to transition from my position at AIESEC to one of its clients. However, after being interviewed by the organization, I realized my profile didn’t perfectly matched the requirements for the role, so I recommended a colleague of mine, Helena, the best professional I knew at the time to get things done and is in the organization ever since.

SiosLIFE – Daniel Pereira – a young manager that just was out of University – As is tutor and mentor I helped him to helped my role as a marketing director. Together we built a in-depth marketing plan, and a big portion of the knowledge we created I due to his ideas and questions.


I´ve decided to study Economics, to discover and understand why things are the way they are, to get a better knowledge of both other people’s behaviour and mine. This was the first interaction with the policymaking world, as Economy and Politics are deeply interconnected.

☁  Eagerness to learn – at my previous job I continuously asked to my unit manager if I could do more, to help other members than my tutor, and I did it because I wanted to learn as much as possible about the International Trade Policy

Fast Learner – The curiosity made it necessary to develop skills on “Learn by Doing” and “Learn how to Learn” to be more productive. At AIESEC, the biggest student association in the world I had my first leadership role. It was the trigger to be a Change Agent. I learnt key skills, as External Relations VP.  Our team lead charge to increase revenue for the local branch, coming from 6000€ debt to, 11 months later, have a positive financial situation.

Creativity – by matching my acquired knowledge and skills with new findings and information I can improve my thinking process and decision-making capacity, as well as to have a more creative process to implement my tasks and assignments.


I may not be the best in a specific talent, but I am a champion in getting the job done and embracing challenges. I played basketball, a big passion of mine. Fortunately, the coach saw in me leadership capabilities and nominated me Captain of the team. I loved to inspire my teammates. I may have been not the best in shooting, rebounding or dribbling, but I was the best in effort, sacrifice and pull out the best of my teammates. I still remember a game we were losing against FC Porto.


The ability to convey information to someone effectively and efficiently while creating a good first impression and engaging the audience.

☁ Guest Speaker in more than 10 events, with audiences from 20 to 10000 people.

☁ Empathy – A deep emotional intelligence, closely connected to cultural competence that enables those who possess it to see the world through others’ eyes, and understand their unique perspectives.

Problem solving & 360 Critical Thinking

Oriented to solutions with an. Ability to comprehend and to systematically organize the various aspects of a problem or situation, with comprehensive outlook the private and public interest

Eager to learn The curiosity made it necessary to develop skills on “Learn by Doing” and “Learn how to learn” to be more productive.

Creativity – From new ideas generation to tailor made solutions, I match my acquired knowledge and skills with new findings and information I can improve my thinking process and decision-making capacity, as well as to have a more creative process to implement my tasks and assignments.

Manage Data & Analytical skills

Research – I have the ability to get the appropriate information from the right sources when most needed, using up to date tools (databases, academic material, networking connections, among others)

Team player & adaptability

Mental agility, comfort with ambiguity, and the capacity to change old behaviors, working with a cooperative and positive attitude in a group settings to achieve common goals is a must

☁ Collaborative – My colleagues would tell you I’m a team player who maintains a positive attitude and outlook. I have the ability to stay focused in stressful situations and can be counted on when the going gets tough. I’m confident I would be a great addition to your team.

☁ Adaptability – able to quickly adopt to new situations and adjust way of working accordingly

☁ Culture Competency – The capacity to think and act across the boundaries of functions, organizational cultures, and global cultures