Global Policy Interface

A “brand” and not a product or service.  ”To share in everything I do a common feature, the eager engage with to ideas, people and organizations that foster a more Sustainable Future, by connecting them”

Over the last 10 years, within or out of my professional and non-profit functions I’ve been helping organizations and people to find solutions for their intents by connecting them with their stakeholders. 

After more than 20+ corporate events organized and produced, intermediate 5 business missions between Portuguese and Brazilian organizations I’ve came to the conclusion that it’d might be better to create a brand for this particular interest of my life.  

Therefore, Global Interface – Public Affairs Advisory is born, as a platform to keep doing this, without being profit oriented.  


A Think Tank? A Consultancy? You may choose how to label Global Interface, I rather prefer to see it as an enable platform to my stakeholders to achieve more, parallel to my professional responsibilities. 


The purpose of Global Interface is to solve problems, helping organizations and people to solve their mains diplomacy and international

network issues, ideally involving in policy development projects. 


The world needs to be more connected. Peace comes from engagement among stakeholders. The core purpose of the project is to create a positive impact on society through connecting people, ideas and organizations to promote a Sustainable Development.  Portugal as a strategic partner in the development of the European Union, within the framework of its institutional relationship with the European Union. 


 To be a diplomatic platform that serves Portugal’s superior interests, in particular its representative institutions, within the framework of the European Union, through an interface that can bring together Portuguese Diplomacy, Companies, Institutions and people.